Over 500lbs of Bream Removed!!

Under the close eye of our fishery management expert Andy Ellis from AE Fisheries we have been undergoing a removal of the lake’s bream. Over 500lbs have been removed in the past week. This reduction in the lake’s biomass will provide additional food and room for the carp to continue their growth.

Week 3 Catch Report

Jim P reported: “It’s the last night on the pond then back home, the beginning of the week was tough with lots of sleet hail stones storms temperatures dropped to -2 of a night etc Moved from swim 10 after 4 days and 3 carp up to 27lb, 1 was a little leather at around 20 Moved to swim 8 and had another 10 up to 40lb 8oz. We have had about 45 carp between us including 2x50s, 5x40s, quite a few 30s and 20s. I will say it’s a lovely venue with a lot of water in each swim with none of the anglers fighting for water as is with other venues in France. NO BOATS GREAT RULE!”

2016 Opening Week Carp To 54lb

Danny Hart’s group of three anglers banked 15 carp between them ranging from 26lb to 54lb. Danny reports, “All the carp were in A1 condition. The lake is also one of the best I’ve fished. Its location is fantastic, so peaceful! Mick is a very helpful guy, he is very passionate about the lake and the well being of the carp”

54lb mirror carp from Etang De Berniere opening week 2016.

54lb mirror carp from Etang De Berniere opening week 2016.

Etang de Berniere now open

We are now in a position to take booking payments for trips. The first trip commencing on 30th August 2014 and every Saturday there after up to the last trip of this year, which starts on 25th October and finishes on 1st November.  We are therefore also now taking bookings for 2015. Trips next year start from the first Saturday in March, that’s the 7th March 2015. The last trip next year will commence on 24th October, ending on 31st October 2015.

A point for you all to note is that our terms and conditions state that trips must be paid up in full within 8 weeks of your trip commencing, so if you are thinking of a trip this year that begins in less than 8 weeks from the point you contact us then you will have to pay the full amount (£350 per angler) or (£50 per none angler) or (£3500 to hire the whole lake: maximum 10 anglers) to reserve your place. Trips commencing after 8 weeks from the point of contact can be reserved in the same way as normal, with a deposit, but final payment must be made no later than 8 weeks prior to your start date.

Anyone interested should contact us through the email address enquiries@etangdeberniere.com on our website www.etangdeberniere.com and not my personal Facebook page, nor this official Etang de Berniere page on facebook. The website has one or two updates that need some attention on the bait page. The mainline bait will be available from 2015.

Matt Hart, 39lb common catch

matt-40lb carp

Here’s the near 40lb common which my partner Mat caught the other day.

An absolutely mint fish in every way! Magnificent carp! Spawned out at just under 40, it’s sure to be one of our originals that top 50lb within a couple of years or so. And to use a quote from Andy Ellis of AE fisheries..”a French venue that can offer huge commons in the future, one to watch for sure.

Etang de Berniere will become one of France’s most respected venues in the coming years.