1) Please do not arrive at the lake before 12 am French time. A 6.30 crossing from England should see you get there around this time. Leaving time the Saturday after is strictly 10.30 am.

2) Only nets, unhooking mats, and weigh slings provided by us are to be used, please look after our equipment , a £50 deposit will be taken at the start of the week and given back on departure when equipment is returned.

3) Minimum of 15lb line must be used.

4) No leaders whatsoever are to be used, this includes safe zone leaders.

5) Only pellet/particle purchased on site is to be used, anyone caught using there own will be asked to leave immediately.

3) 3 rod limit per person.

4) Please go no more than one swim away from your rods while fishing.

5) No braided mainline or leaders, braid is only to be used on spod/market rods.

6) Only barbed hooks to be used.

7) All anglers fishing Etang de Berniere must have correct carp care equipment to treat fish before you put them back.

8) All litter to be put behind swims, our bailiff will collect 1-2 times per week.

9) No bait boats to be used.

10) No fires

11) No disposable barbecues, please only use barbecues with legs.

12) No dogs

13) Please have etiquette for other anglers, we want you to enjoy yourself but be mindful of others around you.

14) Please leave toilets/showers as you would expect to find them.

15) Rowing boats are permitted, we rent them for £70 per week, life jackets must be worn, anyone caught with no jacket on while in the boat will be sent home immediately. No other rowing boats to be brought onto site.

Etang de Berniere reserves the right to change any of these rules at anytime during the season.